At FTECH Co.,Ltd, we are transforming the eCommerce, edTech and entertainment industries through our AI-enabled ecosystem.
FTECH AI Center is a dedicated AI R&D Center focusing on developing cutting-edge NLP solutions to fuel FTECH Co.,Ltd’s AI Cores Engines. We are looking for a NLP engineer.

Your Mission:Develop NLP & machine learning cutting-edge technologies to fuel the AI Cores Engines.

Your Role:
• Design, implement and maintain libraries, and develop new algorithms and services for: Named Entity Extraction, Language Detection, Emotion/Sentiment Prediction, Keyword and Topic Extraction
Deep-learning Chatbots and dialog modeling
Intent detection, Query Parsing, Semantic mapping
• Manage interdisciplinary projects combining different teams within the AI Center and the company.
• Implement and provide best-practices for maintainable software development, including deployment process, documentation, and adherence to and improvement of coding standards.
• Mentor interns.


Your Profile:
• BSc or MSc in computer science or a related degree, with strong software engineering and modern NLP components.
• 1+ years of industrial experience in NLP and modern machine learning algorithms, such as deep learning.
• Solid experience in software engineering: modern software development practices and tools, concurrent and distributed programming, operating systems, computer networks, database systems.
• Fully proficient in Python and/or modern C++ with exposure to functional & object-oriented programming paradigms.
• Experienced with high performance / GPU computing and / or real-time systems.

Our Software Stack:
• Languages for scientific computing: Python
• Frameworks: OpenCV, CUDA, FFmpeg, Tensorflow, PyTorch, NumPy, scikit-learn, Caffe
• Code base: Git with GitLab
• Productivity: Notion, Google Apps


Ha Noi , Viet Nam
Da Nang, Viet Nam

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