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Virtual Shopping Assistant


Virtual assistants can chat with customers via texting and voice. As a bridge between businesses and customers, helping customers have a fast shopping experience and the best choice, helping businesses save up time and manpower.


If you are interested in learning about what a bot can do or can improve your brand for your business, or you are looking for a friend to help you shop according to your wishes and interests. and help you save the most time, please visit our website, especially in this article.

Our virtual assistant can be deployed on the Website, App and Messenger platforms.

Solution for customers:

– Search for information quickly

– Advice to answer user information correctly

– Provide a quality review that matches the user’s personas

– Suggest products that are appropriate to the user’s preferences

– Ability to learn from users

Solution for enterprises:

– Save time, staff resources and costs

– Bring products closest to users

– Promotion notice 1 fastest way

– Keeping users easy


Ready to take your business to the next level

Bring the best shopping experience to users