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Virtual Store Assistant


VAS is a virtual assistant platform deployed on smart display. VAS can identify the face, age and gender of the customer, recommend products and support by voice.


Product features:

  • Analyzing customers with computer vision (face, gender and age) 
  • Suggest suitable products 
  • Convenient, quick payment by QR code 
  • Virtual assistant to support and advise Vietnamese customers by voice 
  • Centralized product management 
  • Shop direction 
  • Analyzing customer reviews. 
  • Collect and statistics customer information 

Technologies used:

  • Face detection 
  • Face recognition 
  • Gender and age classification 
  • Chat bot 
  • Recommend system 

Target customers:

  • Retail chains and supermarkets
    ✓Recommend suitable products to customers
    ✓ Convenient and quick payment
    ✓ Managing centralized products
    ✓Branding and creating trust with customers.
    ✓Collect and statistics of customer data


  • Restaurant / fast food chain
    ✓ Increase revenue, reduce printing costs
    ✓ Create impressive animated menus
    ✓ Easy to adjust and update content
    ✓ Introduction of processing process, nutrient composition


  • Units that provide screen advertising solutions
    ✓ Managing centralized displays
    ✓ Easy to expand the screen system
    ✓ Change flexible and easy content